Did I mention I write? It's another passion of mine. Like I said in the about page, I am a self-acclaimed "Jane of All Trades." I love to share stories in any medium, so it doesn't just stop with my photography and videography. From 2019-2020, I was a writing (communications) intern at a local publishing company, Evergreen Media. There, I wrote for several publications.

Recently, I started expanding my portfolio and reaching out to other companies including Michels Communication Corporation out of Sioux Falls, SD and Tout Advertising. Now, I have been published in almost ten magazines. Some of my work is online only. View each individual publication below for some examples.

Note: It's hard to keep track of ALL the works. These are just some of my favorite selections. To view more of my writing portfolio, feel free to reach out on my contact page or through my cell number/email both listed below in the footer.

Published writer

Sarah Grassel

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