Self-acclaimed "Jane of All Trades," I don't just focus on one specialty in photography and video. I love it all. Every day I am learning more; I love expanding my skills so that I can offer a one-stop shop for my clients. Over the years, I have come to know several of my clients as friends, and that's my goal with everyone. Being comfortable with your photographer or videographer is an absolute must as we may share some of the most intimate moments of your life together from love stories to birth stories. 

Hey there! I am your typical midwestern girl who is always up for an adventure. Ever since I fell in love with photography in sophomore year, I have found ways to work my passion into everyday life. 

The Face Behind the Lens

Sarah Grassel

In video and photo packages, you get to voice your opinion. I am truly here for you. I want you to love your product so tell me if you are looking for something specific or looking for an adjustment afterwards. 

You Get a Voice


Recently a bride myself, I know what it's like planning a wedding and I like to use that experience to help my brides in any aspect including vendor recommendations and working through the timeline!

a strong love story


I graduated from Black Hills State University Magnum Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a minor in Journalism. I also have more than five years in the field under my belt.

Education + Experience


what makes Me Different

Recently a bride myself, I married the man of my dreams and we are developing our little family in the heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota with our adorable kitty - Opal, energetic pup - Buster, and our son James (who has yet to make his arrival!).

I know the stress behind wedding planning. As a first-time parent, I am only beginning to understand the importance of capturing the milestones in our lives together. I became a photographer in 2015 because I discovered my passion for sharing memories and capturing moments in life. A graduate of BHSU, I have a bachelor's degree in photography and journalism, and am now located in the heart of the Black Hills. I love what I do, and I love meeting new people!

If I had to give myself a title, I am not sure I could choose just one. Above everything, I am a mother to my newborn son and a wife to my husband. After that, I am an entrepreneur. In addition to running my photography and video business, I am a mommy blogger, a podcast host and a freelance contract writer for several South Dakota publications.

podcast host

mommy blogger

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