Lesson of Patience

Boy oh boy, we’ve made it to the final straw of pregnancy and I have learned my lesson of patience, or am working on it anyways. If any of you know me, we can all agree that patience is not my strong suit. Nonetheless, we are all patiently (attempting to) waiting for the arrival of little baby James (due date is today).

Baby Due Date Calendar - Lesson of Patience

Lesson Number One

To anyone who isn’t pregnant. Just stop. Stop with the constant questions. Stop with the stupid walking advice. Just stop. It isn’t helping. 

I think at this point, Isaac and I have tried most of the things. From walking to spicy food to red raspberry leaf tea and a butt-ton of pineapple, I am thinking this baby is just as stubborn as his momma. He doesn’t seem to want to budge at all. Showing little to no signs of coming anytime soon, this morning my midwife told me I am only at two centimeters… which could mean he could still be another week or so. 

Lesson Number Two

The baby doesn’t care. Doesn’t care about mom and dad who are waiting to meet him, and doesn’t care about grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. Unfortunately, they work on their own timeline. My midwife with Black Hills OBGYN reassured me though, that the average time is 40 weeks plus three or four days. After that, a friend reminded me that some models of pregnancy even say 42 weeks is normal. Especially for first-time moms.

That’s a Wrap

Let’s keep this short and sweet. These have been the biggest two takeaways for me and Isaac the last week or so. We are so excited to meet the new addition to our family, but we will just have to keep waiting.

I am trying to relax and not think about labor or the fact that I am late. The more I think about it, the more I think we will delay dilation progress and the start of active labor.

P.S. Just in case you didn’t think I was serious when I said we’ve tried just about everything, here’s a list:

  • Ate spicy food
  • Ate pineapple
  • Walked- we have a pretty active energetic puppy we’ve gone on walks with.
  • Exercised – I have balanced myself on the “birth” ball we bought, tried some spinning babies exercises, did pelvic thrusts on the ball, tried some yoga, etc.
  • Sex and nipple stimulation
  • Got a massage
  • Involved my chiropractor (who is certified in the Webster technique!)
  • Took a nice candle-lit relaxing shower
  • Drank red raspberry leaf tea
  • Took evening primrose oil (it’s a gel cap pill)
  • Took papaya enzyme

Like I said, we tried just about everything to naturally induce labor. We will continue to do some of these things because they are good for softening your cervix and preparing your body for labor, but who knows what will be the root cause of labor for me.

Also, I have my limits! I am not eating dates, and I am not getting acupuncture. No stabbing needles for me!!

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